29th March 2010 News
USA bingo News

A $3500 USA Bingo bash on Memorial Day!

Another great event is happening at USA Bingo. A guaranteed prize of $3500 on Memorial Day. This is a promotion that will be remembered as one of their most fun to join and play.

Players must go to the Desperate Lounge and play there. Why go anywhere else but USA Bingo to win big prizes and experience the quality of their games and attentive staff. And another surprise is that bingo need to be played on the site to enter and win.

Just follow these very simple steps.
• Play on any of the five lucky days. These days are 6, 13, 20, 27 and 31, throughout the month of May.
• You must be present at the Lounge chat room between 7:30 pm and 9 pm.
• When a player´s name is called in American Bingo room, they must have eight cash cards ready to go.
• Once the computer calls their name, the player has plenty of time to respond until the game finishes.
• If a player fails to respond or they do not have eight playing cards, they then get disqualified.

There will be a pool of thirteen lucky winners chosen from all the other players who will participate in the game. This is how winners are chosen:
• Two winners will win a total of $100
• Three winners can win a total of $75
• Three winners can win a total of $50
• And five winners will win $25

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