1st February 2010 Bingo articles

Baby shower Bingo Game

If you are looking for a different slant on bingo games then consider the fact that there is more to traditional bingo than meets the eye.

Bingo is reaching a new audience, as well as luring traditional devotees to the game thanks to the enterprising minds behind online bingo sites.

While bingo has traditionally been played in bingo halls, online bingo is an easy and simplified way of playing the traditional game.

Bingo cards are easy to use once you have set up your account and registered as an online player. Online sites offer themes that can suit all moods and parties.

Another variation available online is baby shower bingo. Sites offer the ability to download and print off baby shower bingo cards that have a slight twist on the numbered game.


baby shower bingo card

Instead of numbers, the game cards have words printed on the grid that replace the numbers. The five by five grid has words such as baby, toys, blanket, teething, wash cloths and booties.

Guests at a baby shower party can play this just as ordinary bingo. The host takes the place of the bingo caller and uses a hat to draw out these words. The guests or players then mark off their words in the same fashion that a bingo player daubs their numbers.

Winning is just as easy. Complete a row horizontally, vertically or from corner to corner and baby bingo is won! It’s a fun way to spend time at a baby shower party and combines two traditions in an exciting way.

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