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Graphics 10/10
Playability 9/10
Promotions and Bonuses 8/10
Chat Community 8/10

Online bingo sites vary from site to site and Bingo Hall is a no frills, straight shooting site that allows players to enjoy the experience of bingo playing in traditional fashion.

Many sites can be distracting for some players as they battle their way to the bingo games, sort through tempting promotions or try other non bingo games. Bingo Hall places the emphasis on the Bingo games and the homepage is plain simple and easy to navigate to and from the other pages.

The main page provides the usual links but in simple tab display. Progressive jackpots and featured games are highlighted at the base of the page. Customer and accounts details dominate the left side making it easy to log in, access your account and find customer support if required.

Unlike many sites, Bingo Hall keeps special promotions confined to a separate page and a redirection to a newsletter section for news on the latest tournaments, promotions and chat specials.

A 250% bonus applies when funding your account with bonus rules applying on deposit promotions. The first and second deposit has a bonus of 150 per cent.

A free $5 is offered on sign up to play on the Blue Bingo game which downloads easily and then displays 10 free cards with voice overs and chat dialogue boxes so you can interact with other players.

Account information is readily available so you can follow your history of game winnings and bonuses while updating your account at any time.

Payment options vary from credit and debit cards to money transfer merchants such as Western Union, e-payment solutions or disposable pre-paid cards available on or off line.

One endearing feature of the site is the count down to when games start and this displays the number of players using that game. All these are 75 ball games with pre-order cards available, progressive jackpots and cost for cards displayed clearly and simply.

The site has a VIP program, which is basically a loyalty program. Upon signing up, each new player enters the one basic VIP level and can then move up ten more levels to the Royal VIP Level, which is the pinnacle on the VIP ladder with higher deposit amounts.

It applies to the Slots and Video Poker games as well as the bingo games. As wagers are made, points accumulate. The highest level earns a 150% guaranteed bonus on all deposits.

The site also has a referral scheme where members can gain 20% on deposit amounts for 120 days. Special offers include $125 fixed pots linked to progressive jackpots and coverall of $1,000 raised by $100 weekly until the jackpot is paid out.

Bingo Hall has no distracting animations that entice you to play the myriad of other games available. It is a site that is ingenious in its simplicity which will appeal to the no nonsense player who just wants to get into the action quickly.

A range of other non bingo games is available at the site as well. These include Slots, Video Poker, Keno and Pull Tabs. Ten Video Poker games can be accessed with the traditional versions available. For slots games, with one, five or nine line versions can be played through the Slots tab and ten Pull Tab games that start at 25 cents through to a dollar with varying themes.

Bingo Hall places emphasis on the variety of bingo games and clear cut Game Rules, where Policies and Chat etiquette reminders give Bingo Hall a solid reputation that will appeal to discerning players.

  • Parlay Software
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • Flash and Download Versions Available


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