22nd March 2010 Bingo articles

Bingo Jokes 2

A well preserved man in his early sixties came home from bingo one night and was not feeling particular well. In fact he had been feeling off for several weeks.

The next day he decided to go and see his doctor. The doctor examined him and did a series of tests, checking his heart and blood pressure and even checking his medical encyclopedias. Finally the doctor looks up from his notes.

“I have some bad news for you,” the doctor said gravely.

“What is it, doc?” asks the man. “What’s wrong with me?”

“Well, I’m afraid you have Yellow 24,” said the doctor. “It’s likely you’ll be dead within 48 hours.”

The man is devastated and makes the long slow trip back to his home and tell his wife the bad news. She’s just as upset but decides that the best thing they can do is to take their mind off things. They head off down to the local bingo hall.

At the bingo, the man can’t believe his luck and wins all the games including the progressive jackpot. The caller gets him up on stage to present his jackpot winnings and says, “What do you think ladies and gentlemen, is this the luckiest man alive or what?”

The man turns on the caller shaking his head in disbelief.

“Lucky!?! Listen here! I’ve got yellow 24!”

The caller doesn’t even bat an eyelid and smiles back at the man and then at the audience:

“Well, how about that folks! He’s even won the raffle as well!”

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