15th March 2010 Bingo articles

Bingo Jokes

Patient – Doctor, I need help! All I can see since I woke up is bingo balls!

Doctor – Hmm. Have you seen an eye specialist?

Patient – Errr no, just bingo balls…

Q. What is the favourite bingo number for a pilot that plays bingo?

A. B-52

Q. What did the rodent caller say when the rats sat down for a bingo game?

A. Eyes down for a full mouse!

Julie and George are playing Bingo. As they are playing, every time that Julie sees a number on George’s card she would whisper ‘quick George, mark it down!’. George puts up with this for a while then get angry and says ‘look honey, can’t you just check your own sheet?’ To which Julie replied ‘I can’t, it’s full!’

Q. How do you get a room full of polite and educated ladies to swear all at once?

A. Shout BINGO!

Q. What does Dracula play bingo with?

A. Stake Money!

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a meal. Teach a person online Bingo and they won’t bother you for weeks!

June and Claire go to the Bingo hall, it was Claire’s first time. Half way through a game June leans over and says to Claire ‘I need 42 and 12’. Claire leans over and says ‘I need a 12 and a 99’. June is puzzled and says ‘But Claire, the numbers only go up to 90!’ Claire replies ‘I know, I need number 12 but I am hungry and the ice cream man will be here soon!’

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