19th January 2010 Bingo articles

Bridal Shower Bingo Game

Bingo’s mass appeal extends across all demographics. In fact many bingo games are designed specifically for certain situations or events.

One of these is the Bridal Shower bingo game. The Bridal Shower bingo game is one that can be used as a fun way of entertaining the ladies at a bridal shower gathering.

The difference with this game however is that in Bridal Shower bingo words are used instead of numbers. It’s a specific theme and naturally relates to everything and anything to do with love, romance, weddings, family, babies and associated topics.

Bridal Shower bingo cards can be downloaded off the net and printed out. Participants then mark their cards just like a traditional game but the host is usually calling out words that appear on the cards.

bridal shower bingo card

The five by five card has a word instead of a number and once a row is marked off they win just like traditional bingo.

An example of such cards will include words like rice, bridal, desire, family, silver, bubbles, holiday or gown.

Each guest at the shower party will have a card. The host can select the words that are on the cards out of a hat, and calls these out. The first guest or player that can complete a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally shouts out ‘Bingo!’ and wins that game.

Bridal shower bingo provides a new slant on the traditional game and will have the guests at the bridal shower wondering why they haven’t given traditional bingo more attention due to the fun factor that is always part of bingo.

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