1st March 2010 Bingo articles

Is online bingo good for you?

Bingo has been a popular choice of entertainment for a century. The traditional bingo hall really took off during the first and second world wars when other more traditional forms of entertainment dwindled. The Bingo hall continued to be popular even to this day, but now they have to compete with online Bingo.

Many critics have spoken out against online bingo for several reasons. The first argument they have is that people spend too much time in front of their computer screens. More and more in our daily life people are turning to their computers for entertainment, not just in online bingo but also internet chat rooms and online games. Critics say this online usage takes away from exercise and reflex use. I think everyone would agree that 24 hours a day in front of a computer is not a healthy choice. However, a UK study is has now uncovered interesting evidence that is proving the sceptics wrong.

It has long been recognised that both online and offline bingo is great for mental capacity. It really does flex that great big brain muscle. Studies on the elderly have proven that those that play bingo do tend to have much higher scores when it comes to mental agility and reflexes. The study has also revealed that memory improved and absorption of information increased. Another interesting result was that it seemed that the older the person was when they started playing the better the rate of improvement.

It would make complete sense that by using your brain in a game of mental agility will improve your mental abilities over time. ‘Use it or lose it’ is the saying and this seems to be really the underlying consensus when it comes to your mental agility. Bingo certainly does tax the brain in several different ways and all of which combined do mean improvement in skills.

There will always be critics of online bingo, but we feel that with this study they really are beginning to be a little less loud in their objections. Of course you shouldn’t be online 24 hours a day, but a moderate amount of time playing online seems to do a lot of good and can really improve you mental well being!

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