28th February 2011 News
Paddy Power Bingo

Love for Cube if you were born in the 80’s!

Paddy Power bingo revealed another addition to their online bingo games last week.

This is the latest in six new games introduced by the popular UK online bingo and betting site.

Based on the popular Rubik’s® Cube Puzzle from the ‘eighties, it doesn’t matter if you could never solve the puzzle itself the hardest thing you have to do here is press the play button.

The cube then rotates itself and when it stops what you want to see is completed sides of the same colour. Only three sides of the cube are actually in play and can generate winnings.

As the cubes stop letters of the game logo will light up at random. If all six letters of ‘Rubik’s’ are lit the game enters freeplay. Free spins can generate extra cubes and offer extra winning chances.

The colours of the squares are blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow and all are of equal value if they make up one side, no one colour is worth more than another.

The line bet starts at 5p and the maximum bet per game is £20. It might sound complicated, but check it out and it will become clear that this is a simple and straightforward game, just like its namesake.

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