25th February 2011 News

Online Bingo approval – So near yet so far!

Can you imagine giving someone a gift then taking it back once they have taken all the trouble of unwrapping it, revealing a glimpse of the coveted present? That would be cruel surely.

Well you can imagine that Greene County residents feel somewhat cheated when on Sept. 26, 2003, the Alabama Senate voted 21-0 in favor of electronic bingo in Greene County then on the same day, the House voted 63-0 in favor of it.

Only for a month later on the Oct. 29, 2003, the U.S. Justice Department pre-cleared a special election so Greene County residents could vote on electronic bingo.

On Nov. 4, 2003, a special election was held in Greene County regarding electronic bingo. Act 2003-433 passed with 2,327 in favor and 499 opposed to electronic bingo. On June 11, 2004, Gov. Bob Riley signed a proclamation allowing Greene County to operate electronic bingo. Amendment 743 went into effect.

Then, after some time of economic success resulting from bingo, Greene County had to lock up their machines due to the threat of raids. That threat no longer exists, but now the attorney general is working to throw all bingo machines out of the state.

What happened? Was there a constitutional amendment passed since then that rescinded Amendment 743? If, as so many people assert, electronic bingo is illegal, why didn’t someone stop this process back in 2003? Why did they give the child permission to eat the candy and then just take it away?

Confused – we are!

We can’t see what all the fuss is about really, there are thousands of online bingo players in many countries all over the world. Most of the players are women with families and jobs – so what is the harm of playing online bingo in the US?

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