5th April 2010 Bingo articles

Playing Bingo in Australia

Australians are massive bingo lovers. The nature of the population, fun and outgoing, lends itself perfectly during a game of Bingo.

Throughout Australia, Bingo is usually played with 90 bingo balls. This makes winning a little more difficult than with lower numbered cards.

What that does mean, is it is more exciting and generally the prizes are higher. This is fantastic news for Australian Bingo fans.

As Bingo is a very fun and fast paced game, and can be played online and in a Bingo hall, it is perfect to be played with large groups of friends. The social aspect brings all types of players together.

Whether you have never tried Bingo before, you would have heard about it. Buy a Bingo card, sit down either at a table or at your computer and wait for the balls to be revealed. Matching up the announced numbers requires patience and this adds to the tension and excitement.

The way to win in Bingo is to match the numbers which are announced by the caller. Whoever completes their pattern, wins. There are three games within each event. Firstly, the one liner. This is when a player matches the numbers in a straight line. A two liner is the same, only doubled. The full house is when a player matches all of their numbers on the Bingo card.

Playing Bingo online in Australia, will not only be fun and exciting but it can also earn you a lot of money. With very generous bonuses, jackpots and attractive prizes on offer, you can be sure to have a blast.

Playing Bingo in Australia is just as fun packed as anywhere else in the world. When playing online you could even be playing against many thousands of players spanning the globe.

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