22nd February 2010 Bingo articles

Top 10 tips to help with online bingo

Most people who play bingo are not focused entirely on the winning aspect of the game. Of course it is always nice to come away with a nice cash bonus, but many people also love the social aspect of the game. There are things you can do to help improve your chances of winning so here are our top 10 tips to help with online bingo:

  1. Choose less crowded games. The odds of you winning grow as there are less players. If there are 100 players then odds of you winning are 100 to 1. If there are 50 players then the odds of you winning are 50 to 1.
  2. Experience will always help with your game. Experience means that you will discover your own little tips and tricks that will help you. Chat to others in forums and see if they have any experience tips as well!
  3. Watch out for bonus balls. Bonus balls usually are a different colour and if you get certain winning groupings it can really boost your win two or three times the value.
  4. Try to play with bigger cost cards. If you are going to win you want it to be on a card that pays well.
  5. Read Reviews! Sounds obvious but many people fail to do this! Read several reviews and get a good idea about the bingo game before you join in. Some sites may be fraudulent games so make sure you do your research.
  6. Only play the number of cards that you can manage. There is no point in playing more cards and then losing your grip on the game. Better to play less cards and enjoy the chat at the same time!
  7. Be a pro. If you win, then quit. Many people think that if they have a big win then they should keep playing. Same if you are losing, don’t keep playing to try and regain your loses.
  8. Focus. Make sure you are listening and paying attention. You don’t want to miss out on a number or two because you weren’t paying attention. Nothing hurts more than losing a game because of your own stupidity!
  9. Plan ahead. If you see a good game coming up in a few days then mark it down in your diary.
  10. Flexi cards. Some games do let you play more than the standard amount, but again, make sure you do not over extend yourself.
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