Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo

£100 | Virtue Fusion | US Friendly? no


Graphics 7/10
Playability 7/10
Promotions and Bonuses 8/10
Chat Community 9/10

Virgin Bingo is open to U.K. and international players, with its super bingo games, amazing prizes and promotions; you will find Virgin Bingo a very friendly and “lucrative” place to play bingo. Also, the more you play the more V-points you get that are good for exchanging into flight miles at Flying Club.

Virgin Bingo offers every kind of bingo game available to play online. Do you like the 90 balls bingo? Or prefer the 75 balls one? Do you like to play altogether with 150-180 roomies? Do you like to win big prizes? If your answer is yes, Virgin Bingo is the place for you. Virgin Bingo has all things you are looking for: a great online bingo game with a fantastic community.

Virgin Bingo uses Virtue Fusion bingo software, so it is enough for the guaranteed fun. Virgin Bingo doesn’t accept USA players, but is open for players from the UK, Australia, and any other international country.

Being a well-known U.K. brand, Virgin Bingo has several special community events, like Celeb-Chat which is a great opportunity to know more about your famous celebrity while having fun playing bingo.

The Wishing Well is another great idea, it means if you deposit you have the right to email Virgin Bingo and tell them what you wish and then they will try to make it come true!

Virgin Bingo has a no download bingo game, so you can play any of their games in a browser window. You have the usual setting options as any other bingo game like auto-daubing, best cards first, auto buy cards, etc.

There are lots of people playing bingo at Virgin; the average number is around 150 a game, so it is usual to see £40 to £50 as a winning amount per game. There are exciting chat games at Virgin Bingo, and if you are an active player then you have a high chance to win bingo bonuses only by playing and chatting.

Virgin Bingo has free to play bingo if you want to try out the game, but they give you big bonuses if you deposit too. Free bingo play is very good for fun, but money games are always more exciting.

Virgin Bingo is very good with its new players. They offer £10 deposit bonus if you deposit £10. So that’s double the amount of money to play with! They also offer 100% Match bonus up to £100 at your 1st sign up.

By signing up with Virgin Bingo you can play free bingo before you make your first deposit, moreover you will get £1 for free (just don’t forget to check your email after signing up for the activation code and the free £1 bonus)!

Virgin Bingo has promotions for every day, every season.

Virgin Bingo day to day chat games:

  • BOGOF Monday: Double your chance of winning by buying one bingo card and getting another one for free! This promotion runs between 8:00-10:00, 14:00-18:00 and 20:00-24:00.
  • Chatty Tuesday: You don’t have to do anything special, just participate in the chat games and Virgin Bingo gives away prizes all day long! You can choose your prize from the amazing gifts.
  • Everyone’s a Winner on Wednesday: You were unlucky and didn’t manage to win in bingo? It ends from now at Virgin Bingo! Every Wednesday they run special games and will guarantee that you will win at least once!
  • Penny Bingo Thursday: Only one penny per card and £75 fixed price? You are mad if you miss this!
  • Fantastic Friday: On Fridays you can find new bingo games and fantastic prizes made just for you!
  • Saturday Skyrocket Jackpot: Skyrocket is a new jackpot type that rises in calls after every game! The call starts at the 47th and will increase with every game, so the chances of winning the jackpot increases with every game!
  • Sunday CASH FOR LIFE jackpot: This new Sunday jackpot offers not less than £1000 a month for life whoever wins the Sunday bingo jackpot!
  • Virtue Fusion Software
  • Lots of Unique Prizes
  • Celebrity Chat


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