8th March 2010 Bingo articles

Why is Bingo so much Fun?

We all know that bingo is great fun! There are actually studies now being done that gives evidence as to why we find it so enjoyable! Not only is it enjoyable but also it is actually good for you.

Studies now done by Southampton’s Psychology Department have proven what most of us players have known for a long time. Bingo is great for the mind. It keeps you sharp and gets that brain working. This is especially the case with older players.

Researchers took a sample of 112 people of varying ages between 18-40 and 60-82. Half of the sample played bingo and half did not. The tests were done and it was apparent across the board that the bingo players had better memory, mental agility and were able to absorb much more environmental information than their non playing counterparts.

In the younger group sample the bingo players also tended to be faster but the older players more accurate. There is no doubt that games like chess and backgammon all require mental agility, but bingo also needs hand eye coordination in order to be a good player.

So we now know for certain that playing bingo is good for us, but why is it so much fun? Well, the mental agility in itself is fun, using your brain is never dull. The most fun part is the social aspect. Many thought online bingo would remove this but it is far from the case. With the evolution of bingo chat and meet ups with friends online, people are finding that they have never had such large social circles before. Bingo is most definitely proven to be a fun and healthy game and is sure to continue to excel in popularity as the online community grows!

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